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  • Redirecting …
    Hello, world! (lambdasierra.com)
  • The Repository Filesystem
    When it comes to organizing source code repositories, there are broad similarities — source code in src/, tests in test/ — but no universal standards. Recently I was thinking about this and wondered “What about UNIX?” Most Linux distributions follow the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard to some extent. The directory names are short and familiar. The structure…

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  • Sequential Consequences
    There comes a point in a programming career — at least one as peripatetic as mine —at which learning a new programming language barely registers as an obstacle. I’m not talking about mind-meltingly different languages like APL, just your run-of-the-mainstream object/imperative mishmash. Grab a syntax cheat-sheet, skim the standard library docs, and off you go.
  • Remote 202: How to Join a Meeting
    “What do you mean, How to join a meeting’?! You click a button, doofus!” Yes, dear friends, and that is exactly the problem. If you’re not accustomed to remote work, you may not dwell much on the mechanical processes of remote interaction. It’s just always awkward, isn’t it? Every meeting starts with several minutes of…

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  • Attention Bandwidth
    Why do we have meetings? Our computers and phones are loaded with dozens of communication apps. I’m far from the first to ask this question. I believe it’s well-established that different modes of communication have different information bandwidth. More information is conveyed by a face-to-face conversation than an email, for example. The conventional explanations for…

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