GitHub/stuartsierra hosts most of my personal software projects. I am also experimenting with Sourcehut as

My most popular open-source work is the Component library, a dependency-injection framework for Clojure, commonly referred to as “Stuart Sierra’s Component.” It is designed to work with tools.namespace; I have packaged them up with some utility functions in a Clojure project template called Reloaded.

The GitHub/clojure organization owns some other projects I have maintained, in particular tools.namespace and data.json.

I wrote the original versions of several Clojure libraries which became part of the Clojure language distribution, among them clojure.test and clojure.walk.


Most of my recent Clojure projects are on Clojars, except for the Clojure-organization projects which are on the Maven Central Repository.

A handful of very old projects reside in my personal Maven Repository.

Older Projects not on GitHub

  • tar-to-seq – a Java utility to convert Unix TAR files to Hadoop Sequence Files
  • Perl in Lisp – a Common Lisp library to run an embedded Perl 5 interpreter