The first draft of Project Posner was written in Common Lisp. I thought it would be fun to see how Common Lisp fared as a language for doing heavy text processing with a web front end. It worked well, and I’m convinced it made the process easier than it would have been with any other… Continue reading Borrowability

Lodged Net

I just returned from a short vacation with a little business mixed in. On the third day of my trip, I realized I needed to check my email. My hotel had free in-room Ethernet connections, but I hadn’t thought to bring my laptop with me. No problem, I thought, since the hotel also had one… Continue reading Lodged Net

Become One With Google

Quiet A.I. I think this will be the way A.I. ultimately sneaks in to everyday life. It’s already happening on the web. But this response on kuro5hin is a fair warning. Choose carefully what you feed your digital “children”!

Dabble DB

The just-released Dabble DB is, to my mind, one of the most innovative pieces of software since the spreadsheet. It’s a relational database that can figure out your data relations for you. It’s a spreadsheet that can run structured queries on your data. It’s an on-line calendar with RSS feeds. It’s a web form processor… Continue reading Dabble DB

Do Engines and the Future of Web Applications

Or, What I Have In Common With Craig Silverstein. I’ve been enjoying John Battele’s The Search, a history of the search engine business from Archie to Google. He quotes Google’s first employee, Craig Silverstein, as saying, “I would like to see the search engines become like the computers in Star Trek. You talk to them… Continue reading Do Engines and the Future of Web Applications