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Command-Line Intransigence

In the early days of Clojure, I was skeptical of Clojure-specific build tools like Lancet, Leiningen, and Cake. Why would Clojure, a part of the Java ecosystem, need its own build tool when there were already so many Java-based tools? At the time, I thought Maven was the last word in build tooling. Early Leiningen…

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Dependency Management First-Aid Kit

This article attempts to unravel some of the mysteries of dependency management with Maven and Maven-based tools. Help, something’s missing! Say you have a project named “my-new-project” which declares a dependency on version 3 of the “awesome-sauce” library by the Example.com corporation. You add the dependency to your pom.xml, project.clj, or whatever configuration file your…

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Cutting-Edge Clojure Development with Maven

I promised, in my previous post, that I would show you how to use the latest-and-greatest versions of Clojure and clojure-contrib in your Maven projects. Here’s that post. Formos Software maintains a Maven server with nightly builds of Clojure and contrib at http://tapestry.formos.com/maven-snapshot-repository/ Here’s a complete pom.xml file with dependencies on both Clojure and clojure-contrib:…

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