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Clojure 2013 Year in Review

This is my third Clojure year-in-review post. In 2011 I was excited about Clojure 1.3, ClojureScript, and the second Clojure/conj. By 2012 I was blown away by four Clojure conferences, two O’Reilly books, reducers, Datomic, Immutant, and a partridge in a pear tree. For 2013, where do I even start? So much has happened this…

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Why I’m Using ClojureScript

Elise Huard wrote about why she’s not using ClojureScript. To quote her essential point, “The browser doesn’t speak clojure, it speaks javascript.” This is true. But the CPU doesn’t speak Clojure either, or JavaScript. This argument against ClojureScript is similar to arguments made against any high-level language which compiles down to a lower-level representation. Once…

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ClojureScript Launch, New York

As you may have heard, last night we (Clojure/core) announced ClojureScript at the Clojure NYC Meetup. Rich Hickey gave a talk, which was streamed live over the web, while we monitored Twitter and IRC for feedback. The event was a great success, with loads of excitement expressed by both the local New York crowd and…

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