The Weirdness of C++

I’ve been dredging up my C++ for a class recently, and I’m struck by just how weird it feels now that I spend most of my time with Ruby. I was all proud of myself for remembering how to write a copy constructor. Then I ran into a situation like this: MyClass a = foo;… Continue reading The Weirdness of C++

Not So Slow

Perhaps I was premature worrying about how slow Ruby is. John Wiseman was benchmarking Montezuma, his Common Lisp port of Ferret/Lucene, and found out in the process that Ferret is 10 times faster than Java Lucene! As he says, Ferret gets help from about 65,000 lines of C code. I’ve heard this before, perhaps not… Continue reading Not So Slow

Literally Literal

This is just an random idea that popped into my head. Tell me if I’m crazy. Is there enough distinction between literals in code and values generated at runtime? In other words, what should be the difference between this: x = “Hello, World!” and this (syntax made up): x = new String(“Hello, World!”) In general,… Continue reading Literally Literal

The Naming of Namespaces

Or, How the Lisp-n Shall Inherit the Earth Humans like to name things. Like ourselves, Homo sapiens, Latin for “Primate that has taken leave of its senses.” Then there are engineers. Engineers like to name things too. Like SCSI, pronounced “scuzzy.” Or WYSIWYG, pronounced “wizzy-wig.” Or TTY, pronounced (I couldn’t believe this at first) “titty.”… Continue reading The Naming of Namespaces