Perl in Lisp

Perl in Lisp is a Common Lisp interface to the C API of Perl 5. It consists of CFFI definitions for much of the Perl API and a wrapper library to make that API useful in Lisp code.

Perl in Lisp is not under active development

Version 0.1, released July 24, 2006, includes a test suite with 94 assertions and over 50 pages of documentation in a “literate programming” style.

In March 2007 Vadim Konovalov released a CPAN module, Language::Lisp, adapted from Perl in Lisp. The CPAN module has better support for different Perl configurations, including multi-threaded Perl and Windows binaries.

Download current release: perl-in-lisp_0.1.tar.gz


This library is was ASDF-installable. Here is my GPG key for ASDF.

Example use:

(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :perl-in-lisp)
(perl::eval-perl "3 + 4")  ==> 7
Operating System Lisp Implementation Perl-in-Lisp Status Comments
GNU / Linux 2.6 SBCL 0.9.13 Passes all tests
CMUCL 19a Passes all tests
CLISP 2.35 Passes all tests
GCL 2.6.7 Will not work until the GCL port of CFFI is fixed
ECL 0.9h Fails to compile Reports missing symbol Perl_hv_iterkeysv in perlapi.fas
Windows with ActiveState Perl CLISP 2.37 Does not work lisp.exe crashes (code 256) on attempted use
LispWorks Does not work “Processor Fault” on every test
Allegro Unknown
Mac OS X OpenMCL Unknown

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