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End of the Free Lunch

I’m part of that awkward, in-between cohort, a little too young to fit in with Gen Xers but — although we grew up with computers like our younger siblings, the much-loathed Millennials — still old enough to recall life before the Internet. The Oregon Trail Generation still remembers, dimly, the screech of a dial-up modem…

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JDK Version Survey Results

After a month and about 175 responses, here are the results of my JDK Version Usage Survey (now closed): Versions: Almost everyone uses 1.6. A few are still using 1.5, and a few are trying out 1.7. Only a handful are still on 1.4. Fortunately, no one is on a version older than 1.4. Reasons:…

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Two Upcoming Clojure/Hadoop Talks

Hello, everyone. I’ll be performing my Clojure+Hadoop magic tricks at the following events: Friday, October 2: Hadoop World NYC.  Use the code hadoopworld_friend for 10% off the registration fee. Monday, October 5: NoSQL NYC Meetup.  Free! At both events I’ll be talking about: Why Clojure and Hadoop are a perfect fit. How to write Hadoop…

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Bilingual AltLaw Interview

A first for me — I’ve been translated! Frontier Economy interviewed me about AltLaw, then translated my responses into Spanish. The Interview in English The Interview in Spanish

Twitter Heckling

I have, to my chagrin, recently discovered Twitter. I was at a conference at which the attendees twittered (tweeted?) every presentation as it happened. One speaker accidentally/deliberately left his Twitter client running during his presentation, resulting in a stream of jokes and off-color comments in the corner of his PowerPoint slides.  Maybe every presentation should…

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