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End of the Free Lunch

I’m part of that awkward, in-between cohort, a little too young to fit in with Gen Xers but — although we grew up with computers like our younger siblings, the much-loathed Millennials — still old enough to recall life before the Internet. The Oregon Trail Generation still remembers, dimly, the screech of a dial-up modem…

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JDK Version Survey Results

After a month and about 175 responses, here are the results of my JDK Version Usage Survey (now closed): Versions: Almost everyone uses 1.6. A few are still using 1.5, and a few are trying out 1.7. Only a handful are still on 1.4. Fortunately, no one is on a version older than 1.4. Reasons:…

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Two Upcoming Clojure/Hadoop Talks

Hello, everyone. I’ll be performing my Clojure+Hadoop magic tricks at the following events: Friday, October 2: Hadoop World NYC.  Use the code hadoopworld_friend for 10% off the registration fee. Monday, October 5: NoSQL NYC Meetup.  Free! At both events I’ll be talking about: Why Clojure and Hadoop are a perfect fit. How to write Hadoop…

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Bilingual AltLaw Interview

A first for me — I’ve been translated! Frontier Economy interviewed me about AltLaw, then translated my responses into Spanish. The Interview in English The Interview in Spanish

Twitter Heckling

I have, to my chagrin, recently discovered Twitter. I was at a conference at which the attendees twittered (tweeted?) every presentation as it happened. One speaker accidentally/deliberately left his Twitter client running during his presentation, resulting in a stream of jokes and off-color comments in the corner of his PowerPoint slides.  Maybe every presentation should…

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Clojure talk at LispNYC, June 9

Update: Slides and video available at LispNYC. Ok, it’s really happening this time: Stuart Sierra presents: Implementing in Clojure This talk demonstrates the power of combining Clojure with large Java frameworks, such as: Hadoop – distributed map/reduce processing Solr – text indexing/searching Restlet – REST-oriented web framework Jets3t – Amazon S3 Join us from…

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Clojure Talk May 12 Canceled

We had to cancel my talk for tomorrow night, due to problems with the venue. LispNYC will still meet at the Sunburnt Cow, 137 Avenue C, for drinks and discussion. My presentation has been postponed to the June meeting.