The Repository Filesystem

When it comes to organizing source code repositories, there are broad similarities — source code in src/, tests in test/ — but no universal standards. Recently I was thinking about this and wondered “What about UNIX?” Most Linux distributions follow the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard to some extent. The directory names are short and familiar. The structure… Continue reading The Repository Filesystem

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Sequential Consequences

There comes a point in a programming career — at least one as peripatetic as mine — at which learning a new programming language barely registers as an obstacle. I’m not talking about mind-meltingly different languages like APL, just your run-of-the-mainstream object/imperative mishmash. Grab a syntax cheat-sheet, skim the standard library docs, and off you go.

Remote 201: Profile Pictures

Now that we’ve covered the basics of remote work — headsets, cables, and software — it’s time to think about some of the smaller, more subtle things we can do to ensure a good remote experience for everyone. Today, that’s profile pictures.

Remote 103: Software

In the first two posts in this series, I talked about hardware: networking and headsets. I’ll come back to hardware eventually, but the next thing on the checklist is software.

Remote 102: Headsets

If you saw my last post, you’ve got your computer wired up. Time to get yourself wired up too. The next piece of hardware you need to be a successful remote worker is a headset with an adjustable microphone boom.

Remote 101: Cables

So you want to work remote. Or you want other people to be remote. You want space. Perspective. Distance. Escape the corporate cubicle farm and work in your pajamas. First, you need to get some network cables.

Downloading the Internet

Everyone likes to complain when a build tool “downloads the internet” the first time they check out a new project. But the cost is typically amortized over many subsequent builds.

Why You Hate Your “Productivity” Software

Tell me if this story sounds familiar. At your company, there is The Tool. Everyone is required to use The Tool. It is the central information hub for the entire company. Or at least it was supposed to be. In practice, it is where information goes to die.

PATH to Confusion

After installing the latest *env utility, I decided to stop and count how many of these things have accumulated in my shell.

Clojure Start Syscalls

Inspired by a recent article comparing the number of system calls at start made by various compilers, I decided to do the same with my Clojure start-time experiments.