Podcast Updates

No Manifestos is still “on the air”! If you haven’t been following, here are some recent episodes to check out: Russ Olsen, author of Getting Clojure and Eloquent Ruby Jen Myers, software educator and public speaker Aisha Blake, founder of the musical tech conference <title of conf> Or get the whole series in your podcasting… Continue reading Podcast Updates

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Old Fashioned Web Analytics in a Newfangled Serverless World

In case you didn’t know, I started a podcast this year: No Manifestos. One of the interesting things about podcasting is that it’s difficult to know who’s listening. This has even been suggested as the reason for the genre’s success, as it prevents the aggressive tracking and reductionist analytics that have made such a cesspool… Continue reading Old Fashioned Web Analytics in a Newfangled Serverless World

Podcast Is Happening

I’m five episodes in, so I think it is safe to announce that I have a podcast! No Manifestos is a podcast about people living with technology, because that describes everyone today. Whether you work in the sciences, business, or the software industry itself, everyone has to use and live with software.