An Opinionated Review of Clojure Applied

Why write a book about open-source software? (Not for the money. Trust me.) I’ve seen far too many “technical books” that merely regurgitate the documentation of a bunch of open source libraries. I’m happy to say that Clojure Applied, by my friends and colleagues Alex Miller and Ben Vandgrift, is not in this category. They… Continue reading An Opinionated Review of Clojure Applied

Clojure Don’ts: Lazy Effects

This is probably my number one Clojure Don’t. Laziness is often useful. It allows you to express “infinite” computations, and only pay for as much of the computation as you need. Laziness also allows you to express computations without specifying when they should happen. And that’s a problem when you add side-effects. By definition, a… Continue reading Clojure Don’ts: Lazy Effects

Clojure Don’ts: Redundant map

Today’s Clojure Don’t is the opposite side of the coin to the heisenparameter. If you have an operation on a single object, you don’t need to define another version just to operate on a collection of those objects.