A Hacker’s Christmas Song

I’ll be home for Christmas To fix your old PC. Please have Coke and Mountain Dew And pizza there for me. Christmas Eve will find me In Windows Update screens, I’ll be done by New Year’s If only in my dreams. I’ll be home for Christmas Installing Google Chrome, Removing malware, cruft, and crud, And… Continue reading A Hacker’s Christmas Song

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What Is a Program?

What is a program? Is it the source code that a programmer typed? The physical state of the machine on which it is run? Or something more abstract, like the data structures it creates? This is not a purely philosophical question: it has consequences for how programming languages are designed, how development tools work, and… Continue reading What Is a Program?

JDK Version Survey Results

After a month and about 175 responses, here are the results of my JDK Version Usage Survey (now closed): Versions: Almost everyone uses 1.6. A few are still using 1.5, and a few are trying out 1.7. Only a handful are still on 1.4. Fortunately, no one is on a version older than 1.4. Reasons:… Continue reading JDK Version Survey Results

JDK Version Survey

The most recent JDK version poll I could find was from 2008 (thanks, Alex!) so here’s a new one. Loading…

The Naming of Namespaces

From time to time I’m asked, “How do you organize namespaces in Clojure projects?” The question surprised me at first, because I hadn’t thought about it much. But then I was using Clojure back when the only way to load code was “load-file.” Most programming languages, especially object-oriented languages, provide strong hints on how to… Continue reading The Naming of Namespaces

Dependency Management First-Aid Kit

This article attempts to unravel some of the mysteries of dependency management with Maven and Maven-based tools. Help, something’s missing! Say you have a project named “my-new-project” which declares a dependency on version 3 of the “awesome-sauce” library by the Example.com corporation. You add the dependency to your pom.xml, project.clj, or whatever configuration file your… Continue reading Dependency Management First-Aid Kit