Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Following my last post I integrated typed assertions into the master branch of Lazytest.

This makes some changes to the API. Test examples in the it macro can no longer simply return true or false. Instead, they must call the expect macro.

The Context type is gone, replaced by the Fixture protocol. More documentation to come. Basically, a Fixture is a pair of methods named setup and teardown. Fixtures are responsible for handling their own state.

The file watcher still works, but the new console reporter kinda sucks. I’ve got all this great failure information from the typed assertions, now I just need to figure out how to format it.

3 Replies to “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”

  1. I can’t be the first person to say “sounds like you are writing a monad” …

  2. I hadn’t thought about it that way. Yes, kind of. The difference is that I’m rewriting expressions instead of just wrapping functions.

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