Two Upcoming Clojure/Hadoop Talks

Hello, everyone.

I’ll be performing my Clojure+Hadoop magic tricks at the following events:

Friday, October 2: Hadoop World NYC.  Use the code hadoopworld_friend for 10% off the registration fee.

Monday, October 5: NoSQL NYC Meetup.  Free!

At both events I’ll be talking about:

  • Why Clojure and Hadoop are a perfect fit.
  • How to write Hadoop jobs in Clojure.
  • My clojure-hadoop library.
  • Storage options for Clojure data structures.

Will post slides after, and recordings if they are available.

3 Replies to “Two Upcoming Clojure/Hadoop Talks”

  1. are you planning to update your library to a more recent version of hadoop, using the new api? I’ve taken pieces of your library to make a more minimal one for a project I’m working which required a more recent version of hadoop. I hope to put it up on github in a week or two, and would be happy to collaborate on an updated version of your lib.

  2. Yes, I will update to the 0.20 API when it is declared stable. For now, the library should work as-is on 0.20, since 0.20 includes the 0.18 API.

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