More Clojure Love

I dropped by the Java Users’ Group meeting last week since Rich Hickey was there to talk about Clojure.

I expected a bit of carping from the Java guys, and at first they were all “efficiency this” and “security that.”  But by mid-way through the talk I think they were getting it.  A few even got excited about macros.

If I didn’t make it clear in my first post about Clojure, I like this language.  Here’s some more reasons why:

  1. All binding constructs — let, defn, and the like — perform destructuring.
  2. Universal data structures — vector, list, map, set.
  3. Built-in java.util.regex support.
  4. Sixty squintillion Java libraries.
  5. A small but growing number of Clojure libraries, some written by yours truly.
  6. You can generate Java .class files that run Clojure code.
  7. Lightning-fast bug fixes from the author.