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I have achieved the dream of every geek: I have become a professional blogger. Well, sort of. In February I was hired as the Assistant Director of the new Program on Law and Technology at Columbia Law School. I’ll be doing a mixture of programming, web design, and administration for … whatever we decide to do. I’ve spent the past two months putting together a new website for the program itself, including a blog covering news of interest in the intersection of law and technology.

Currently I’m the only one writing for the blog. Since I’m not a lawyer myself, I’m mostly limiting myself to linking to news stories and blogs by law professors. But I’m trying to encourage some of the faculty at Columbia to try blogging as well. Hopefully they’ll get excited about it and we’ll have a great new forum for discussing tech law issues.

As you can see, of course, I haven’t had much time to contribute to my own personal blog, but I have a few ideas that I want to write up some time soon.