Project Posner: first look

Been too busy with work and class to post much, but here’s a link for all the IANALs out there: Project Posner. It’s an on-line database collecting the case opinions of Richard A. Posner, judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. This was the brainchild of law professor and former Posner clerk Tim Wu. I wrote all the code to parse and format the cases, in 100% Common Lisp! Specifically, about 800 lines of code that spits out 36 MB of static HTML in about 5 minutes — whee! Currently having some problems with Google’s free web search; maybe they’ll crawl the site now that I’ve linked to it. Or maybe I’ll break down and implement my own search function. In any case, take a look, comments welcome.

One Reply to “Project Posner: first look”

  1. Just a suggestion: I know nothing about Richard A. Posner, so in front of a search box, I know not what to search for. How about putting a ‘random page’ link so that we can start somewhere?

    Anyway, it’s nice work !

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