Hair Color

An antisocial experiment to answer that age-old question: who really has more fun?

On Google, “blondes” get the most attention with 147 million hits.  “Brunettes” get 78.6 million and “redheads,” 12.8 million.

However, of the three, only “redheads” start off with lovingly hand-crafted images, suggesting that while people like to read about blondes and brunettes, they mostly like to look at redheads.

On Facebook, Brunettes have a commanding lead with 79,132 fans versus the comparatively meager 27,039 fans for Blondes.

However, brunettes seem to have a serious inferiority complex vis-a-vis blondes, as witness the more popular pages Brunettes are better then blondes (120,192 fans) and, more emphatic but less grammatic, BLONDES ARE “””NOT””” AS SEXY AS DARK HAIR GIRLS ! ! ! (90,417 fans).

Even the number of people on Facebook who think Brunettes are sexier than blondes! (18,255) is larger than the number who think Redheads do it better (16,637).

However, those of us who do admire redheads take it very seriously: two of the top-ranked redhead fan pages are classified as “Religious Organizations.”